Free Tours

Much has been said about previous years of the activity carried out by different companies known as Free Tours. The main objective of these is to get tourists to know the place they visit in the mo

Holly week in Cordoba

We are now only 5 days away from the Holy Week of Cordoba, which will run from April 14 to Sunday 21. This tradition dates back to the sixteenth century, perfectly representing the spirit of the fa


This great monument, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980, has great relevance not only nationally, but internationally. And it is that those who visit it are amazed at the richness of thi

Cordoba Fair

The current high temperatures warn us of the imminent arrival of spring, at which time our city is adorned with the celebrations of this season that make Cordoba even bigger than it already is, sin

Al-Andalus Museum. Calahorra Tower

In this article we review the history of the famous Torre de la Calahorra, witness of the historical evolution of the city of Cordoba and that timelessness that the city that was the capital of Al-

Cordoba World Heritage Site By UNESCO

    On November 2, 1984, in the city of Buenos Aires, Unesco declared La Mezquita de Córdoba a World Heritage Site.   Cordoba Mosque   Visiting th

Roman Sessions in Córdoba

If you are in Córdoba between the 22nd of March and the 17th of March, it is likely that you will find some events with a Roman atmosphere. This is KALENDAS, a cultural cycle organized by th

Wallada love story. Cordoban Romeo & Juliet

Two families of identical lineage, one city, Verona or rather Cordoba and two lovers condemned to their tragic end. Yes, today we will talk about the legend of the beautiful princess Wallada bint a

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