Free Tour Legends of the Jewish Quarter (Booking Mandatory)


17:00H (October to May)
19:00H (June to September)

Everyday at Puerta de Almodóvar (always under booking)

Get into the main scenary of the culture in Córdoba. Joined by great experts, we will discover the legends and traditions of the jewish neigbourhood.

Getting inside through the Almodóvar Gate, we will cross step by step the narrow streets, we will visit the Synagogue, the Zoco and its activities, and we will meet some of the mostrar influential characters of our history: Al Gafequi and his glasses, Maimonides and his shiny shoes...

We will also take the most beautifull picture of the city from the magical Flowers street. And of course we will visit the narrowest street of all Andalucía, calle del Pañuelo.

To sum up, to visit the jewish neigbourhood is absolutelly essential for understanding the past of the city of the Three Cultures, and how was the relationship between muslims, cristians and jewish in the capital of Al Andalus.


What are we going to visit durnig this tour?

The jewish neigbourhood is full of interesting placer and historical buildings. Starting at the city walls, we will cross the Almodóvar Gate in direction to the University of the Letters. We will also discover the Saint Bartolomé Chapel, the Gothic- Mudéjar style treasure.

In this route, we will have a date with two of the main characters of the Three Cultures city: Maimonides and Al Gafequi.

The Zoco is also an obligatory stop in this tour through the old jewish neigbourhood; as the Synagogue is, one of the three only ones that are still preserved all over Spain.

Of course we can't finish this experience without visiting the Calle de las Flores and Calle del Pañuelo. What surpises will we find on them??


Where do we start the visit?

The visit begins at the Puerta de Almodóvar with a deep historical introduction of all periods of past government of the city, the passage of civilizations and cultural enrichment of Córdoba through these colonies. We will talk about its most emblematic characters, Seneca or Averroes among them, we will visit the baths of Alcazar Califal, the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, the Roman bridge and of course, the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. Come with Córdoba Tips Tours and discover much more.

In what languages does the tour take place?

The free walking tours leave daily in Spanish and English, each one has its schedule, to book a visit in English, see the page of this language. In any case privately, it is always possible to tour in other languages.

How long is the visit?

The visit of the historic center of Córdoba lasts two hours, this duration is estimated, it will always vary slightly depending on the size of the group, the questions and queries to the guide, the weather and the circumstances of the visit.




To bear in mind, Important!

Our free walking tours are always done, regardless of weather conditions and / or events that may affect the streets of the city. They are your holidays and no factor will affect the realization of our guided tours.

  • It is always advisable to wear comfortable shoes for daily use.
  • Advisable to bring water and sunscreen, especially in summer season.
  • Boots, raincoat and coats are a good idea if the day wakes up a little rainy.

What price does the tour have?

We have left for the end to post, the free tour concept offers guided tours based on tips, the price is not fixed, but at the end of the route, if you consider it, you can leave a tip depending on the effort of your guide and the satisfaction of the experience. The guides of Córdoba Tips Tours, can never demand anything, just thank you for participating in our visits and have chosen us to make your experience in the city unforgettable.

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