Holly week in Cordoba


We are now only 5 days away from the Holy Week of Cordoba, which will run from April 14 to Sunday 21. This tradition dates back to the sixteenth century, perfectly representing the spirit of the famous counter-reformation and the intention of bringing religiosity closer to common of the common people through these street demonstrations. For a week, the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will be commemorated through the procession of sculptural groups through the streets of Córdoba. In total we talk about 37 brotherhoods that will fill the streets of the Andalusian city. Without a doubt it is a wonderful way to get to know one of the most popular religious manifestations of this corner of Andalusia. It is undeniable that the Holy Week in Córdoba attracts a large number of foreign and national public with different customs, religions and idiosyncrasies that are attracted to this type of religious manifestations independently of their own beliefs.

This year, due to the exponential increase in tourism in Andalusia, a large number of transfers to Cordoba during this Holy Week are expected. It also seems that the good weather will accompany us on this holiday, because according to the latest weather forecasts the probability of rain has been reduced to Palm Sunday (April 14) leaving the rest of the week with a very low probability. Even so the city of Córdoba during its Holy Week not only have the luck to be able to observe large sculptural groups that walk through its streets, as it is the case of the Brotherhood of Peace and Hope that processions on Holy Wednesday or the Brotherhood of the Hope of Palm Sunday, but this city continues to delight us with all its monuments. We have already talked at length about all these buildings along dozens of articles but it never hurts to remember that if this Holy Week you are attracted by the magic of this city, do not forget to visit its main monuments, among which we highlight the grandiose Mosque - Cathedral of Cordoba, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, Medina Azahara, Torre de la Calahorra, its majestic Roman Bridge and the magical Calleja de las Flores.

To know all the secrets of this city, its monuments and of course its representations and religious manifestations, do not hesitate to have experts in the interpretation of heritage as the guides of Córdoba Tips Tours. Remember that we are the guides with the yellow umbrella that we offer: Historical Center (Puerta de Almodóvar at 11:00 in Spanish and at 13:30 in English) and Legends of the Jewish Quarter (Puerta de Almodóvar at 17:00 both languages ).

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