10 Charmings corners of Cordoba

  The beautiful city of Cordoba, one of the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula, stands out for one of the largest historical centers in Europe and declared a World Heritage Site in 1994.

Roman Sessions in Córdoba

If you are in Córdoba between the 22nd of March and the 17th of March, it is likely that you will find some events with a Roman atmosphere. This is KALENDAS, a cultural cycle organized by th

What are you waiting to visit Cordoba?

There are few cities in the world such as the city of Córdoba, the cradle of cultures and roots of ancient civilizations, the origin of knowledge and the society of liberties. Enclave of rel

Cordoba Free Tours Activities

Visit Córdoba in a fun and entertaining way with Córdoba Tips Tours, our guided tours are for all audiences, adults and children. Book your guided tour free tour to learn about the hi

Twinning Cairouan - Córdoba. A common history

  Cairouan street stands out as one of the most beautiful and particular streets of the city of Cordoba that we will visit in our guided tour of the Historic Monumental Center.  

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