Medina Azahara


Medinat al Zahara, the Bright city, caliphs’ treasure and heritage of Al-Andalus is one of the unique enclaves to visit in Córdoba if you want to be lost in its history.

Recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage, Medina Azahara is an essential part of your visit in Province of Córdoba.

Book your Medina Azahara Guided Tour and discover Umayyad art masterpieces hidden within the walls of one of the most important Muslim capitals in the Andalusian past.

What does the visit includes?

Bus transfer

Ascent and descent shuttle to the archaeological zone of Medina Azahara

Official guide inside the Medina Azahara enclosure

Entry to the monument

Radio guide for mandatory use

Visit Medina Azahara without queues or waiting times with Córdoba Tips Tours

Cancellation policy: customers will receive a full refund with 24 hours notice of cancellation

Medina Azahara Photos

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