What to do at the jewish quarter in Cordoba

If you plan to spend a few days in Córdoba, you can not leave the city without visiting the Jewish quarter. This neighborhood was the sector of life of the Jewish community from the thirteen

Cordoba Traditions

Everyone who visits the city of Córdoba is captivated by the exoticism that emanates from its people, its streets and its architecture. Exoticism that has traces and smells of a grandiloquen


To get to understand a city, especially when we are traveling, in addition to its history, art and urbanism, it is necessary to know its people, who day after day maintain their streets and activat

Top Curiosities for the Alcazar

A must-see in Cordoba is the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, an emblematic building whose gardens leave no one indifferent to having stepped on them. Today we want to tell you five curiosities tha

What are you waiting to visit Cordoba?

There are few cities in the world such as the city of Córdoba, the cradle of cultures and roots of ancient civilizations, the origin of knowledge and the society of liberties. Enclave of rel

Weekend on Cordoba

If you are going to visit Córdoba this weekend and you are wondering what to do in Córdoba, this is definitely your article.       In the next lines I w

Synagogue Curiosities

Visiting the synagogue of Córdoba can be one of the most fascinating experiences you can enjoy during your trip to Córdoba.   It is the reflection of an exceptional perio

Medina Azahara 5 curiosities

If you visit Cordoba, you can not miss seeing the city of Medina Azahara, the palatine city built by the caliphs for their use and enjoyment, located a few kilometers from the capital of Cordoba. T

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