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Free Monumental Tour

Discover with a local guide the main buildings of the old town, and the curiosities of the monume...
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13:30H (October to May)
11:00H (June to September)

Everyday at Puerta de Almodóvar (always under booking)

Free Tour Legends of the Jewish Quarter

Córdoba is a city full of history and traditions. It's the result about more than...
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17:00H (October to May)
19:00H (June to September)

Everyday at Puerta de Almodóvar (always under booking)


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Benchmark guided tours agency of Córdoba. Our work with tourists, groups of travelers and friends endorse us.

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Seneca, the philosopher.

Cordoba is the land of caliphs, poets, painters and philosophers known worldwide, and a name that leaves no one indifferent is the Hispano-Roman philosopher Lucio Anneo Seneca, also known as Seneca the Younger to distinguish him from his father Marco Anneo Seneca or Seneca the old. Our great philosopher was born in Cordoba, or Corduba as it was cal...

Christ of the Lanterns

Many visitors wonder what they can see during their night walks around the city of Córdoba. Well, an emblematic monument is the Christ of the Lanterns, built in 1794 by Juan Navarro León, forming part of the sculptural group of the Spanish Baroque. It was financed by the marquises of Hariza and Fray Diego José de Cádiz, ...

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