Cordoba low cost. Free Monuments


If you are traveling through Córdoba and want to take advantage the most of your trip without spending a
lot of money, our city makes it easy for you having a wide variety of totally free museums and
monuments. Some of them are always totally free and others on specific days and times. In this article I
will tell you about the most important and essential for your low cost pocket:


You are in luck, because the most important and symbolic monument in Córdoba can cost you absolutely
nothing, yes, but being quite early risers. Every day from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., the Church council lets
you visit the mosque-cathedral for free during one hour. A World Heritage monument because it is
unique, since we are talking about the third largest mosque in the world and also with a cathedral ... right
in the middle!
If you want to expand your visit more than an hour because it will seem very little time, it would be
necessary to buy the ticket later. The general ticket price is 11 euros (14 euros with audio guide) and with
discounts for students, the unemployed and old people.

The Synagogue of Córdoba

A monument that is completely free during his entire timetable is the Cordoba Synagogue, another unique
monument in the city as it is considered the only preserved synagogue in Andalusia from the Middle
Ages. It is also the last living vestige of Jewish culture in Córdoba and his Jewish quarter, since in 1492
their expulsion was decreed along with all the Spanish Jews. The entrance is totally free, although for
those who are not members of the European Union they have to pay a symbolic price of 30 cents.

Palacio de Viana

Undoubtedly the most visited palatial house in Córdoba, this monument with more than five centuries of
history deserves a must-see to see its 12 “patios cordobeses” and gardens, decorated from the fourteenth
to the nineteenth century by the different noble houses that have occupied it and endowing them with a
singular beauty and uniqueness.
Its price is something high (6 euros without discounts an 10 euros also visiting the house and his
collection) although you have the opportunity to visit this monument completely free every Wednesday
from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

La Posada del Potro

Right in the Plaza del Potro, one of the most historic squares in the city, you can find this ols hostel from
the late sixteenth century, known throughout the world for hosting his most famous guest, Miguel de
Cervantes, who lived in a time in his rooms and would base part of his famous novel Don Quixote there.
This monument, which has been totally intact since that time, currently incorporate a museum dedicated
to the history of flamenco. Entrance is completely free during his entire timetable for Europeans and non-
Do you want to know more about the monuments and museums of Córdoba? Our local guides, graduates
in History in heritage interpreters are best suited for this. Don't hesitate to book our tours:
-Meeting point: Puerta de Almodóvar (11:00 Spanish / 13:30 English)
- Meeting point: Puerta de Almodóvar (17:00 Spanish and English)
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