Córdoba has always been one of the richest cities in our nation historically and culturally. It is also home to some of the most emblematic monuments, some already declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. And it is that just after pronouncing the name of Córdoba, it is inevitable that these wonderful red and white arches of the Cathedral-Mosque come to our mind; the wonderful patios full of color in the month of May; or the beautiful picture of the Roman Bridge over the Guadaquivir river.

But Córdoba is not only that. When arriving in our city, many are surprised by the number of monuments there are to visit, the number of corners that cannot be missed and the incredible range of leisure and gastronomy that surrounds them.

For this reason, from Córdoba Tips Tours we want to take you one step further and show you some secrets that perhaps you did not know about Córdoba, and thus be able to correctly organize your weekend getaway to our city. Here we show you a list of essential things you can do during a weekend in Córdoba.


  1. To take a Free Tour tour of the Historic District.

Why is this the most important thing? Is it really the first thing we have to do? The answer is a capital YES. Córdoba is a small city, compared to many others in our country, and the monumental area is more or less concentrated, so one can learn to locate quite quickly. This is essential when arriving in a city for the first time. And there is certainly no better way than taking a Free Tour, where you get an overview of the city and where local guides are perfectly qualified to teach you the incredible history of their city with unrivaled passion and training.

These route begins at 11 in the morning, an ideal time for those who move in the morning, or for those who want to rest a bit from the night before, and lasts approximately 2 hours, in which you will know Córdoba from in the most entertaining and dynamic way possible, at the same time that you will be receiving advice from a Cordovan about what the main monuments are and where they are; what areas are the best or most recommended for eating, for tapas, for a drink ...; where I have the best views of the city; where can I take the most romantic photo; What are the main patios that I can't miss ...

In the following link you can find information about the visit of the Historic Center of Córdoba: https://cordobafreetour.es/en/tour/cordoba/1/free-monumental-tour-booking-mandatory


  1. To visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba.

It is totally inadmissible to leave the city without having visited one of the most emblematic monuments in the world. Externally, it usually gives us the feeling of not being in an essential place, but inside it holds one of the great wonders built by man. Its bichromatic arches, which seem to create an immense forest next to the columns on which they rest; its incredible history, encompassing the splendor of its Islamic past and its Christian present ... it is a magical place that you cannot miss.

Our recommendation is always to take a guided tour, because you feel lost and insignificant when you enter a building of more than 23,000 square meters alone. Below we offer you a dynamic and economical way to take a guided tour of the Mosque- Cathedral: https://cordobafreetour.es/en/premiumtour/cordoba/1/mezquita-catedral


  1. To get lost in the streets of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba.

There you will get to know one of the only three synagogues that we still have in our country, and the only one in all of Andalusia. It has been recently restored, and its current appearance will transport you to the Cordoba of the Three Cultures.

You can also visit the Souk, the economic and commercial meeting center of the city; as well as some emblematic characters from the history of Córdoba; Mainonides, Al-Gafequi, etc… Of course we invite you to take a Free Tour in the Jewish Quarter, which will also cover some of the narrowest, most picturesque and popular streets of the city, such as Calle de las Flores , or Calle del Pañuelo, among others. We recommend you sign up for this visit in the afternoon, it is an ideal time to walk around Córdoba while a local guide shows it to you. It is a super dynamic tour in which adults and children enjoy.

Find out more about the Free Tour of Legends of the Jewish Quarter at the following link: https://cordobafreetour.es/en/tour.php?id=2


  1. To visit “patios” 20 and 44 of San Basilio neigbourhood.

The “Patios” (courtyards) are another of the insignia of Córdoba and an inescapable part of our culture. Luckily for everyone we don't have to wait until May for them to be open to the public. There are two located in the San Basilio neighborhood, which are open all year round and whose entrance is free: numbers 20 and 44: They open from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00: 00; Sundays and holidays from 10: 30-14: 00. You can make a voluntary contribution to the owners of the patios at the end of the visit.


  1. To go to picturesque places to have “tapas”.

The culture of the tapa is widely known and our city is no exception. There are many bars and taverns to enjoy, but some of the most picturesque places are the Bar Santos (famous for its giant potato omelets, made with more than thirty eggs) or the Plaza de la Corredera in Córdoba (similar in style to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid).


  1. Make a getaway to Medina Azahara.

The city erected by Caliph Abderramán III, still to be excavated and known, but a real delight for tourists. His visit is highly recommended if you are in Córdoba.

To make an excursion to the site we offer a great package that includes transportation to the site and a guided tour. You will find all the information in the link below: https://cordobafreetour.es/en/premiumtour/cordoba/3/medina-azahara


We hope that all this information has been useful in organizing your trip to Córdoba, and that you can enjoy it with the best professionals.

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