In the Jewish Quarter there are a lot of secrets to be discovered. Inside this medieval area, happened really interesting historical facts as a result of the relation of the three cultures of Cordoba.

To not avoid any detail our Free Tour, “Legends of the Jewish quarter” is your best option with no doubt. Today, Córdoba Tips Tours wants to invite you to know about an essential part of it: the Zoco or Municipal Market.

Zoco comes from an Arabic word that means “market”. All the Islamic cities of al-Ándalus had one, and Córdoba, as the capital of the emirate and caliphate too.

Apart from the main market, there were small markets and neighbor hoods designated to special artisans. Mainly were sold clothes and crafts.

So…Was this the main market of the capital of al-Ándalus? Not actually. Nowadays is named as zoco due to the decision of the town hall in 1954. They changed the name of an ancient noble house to expose the wonderful products made by our artisans.

Emplaced between Averroes and Judíos streets, the visitors can find a charming arcade courtyard with two floors where are situated the shops of crafts. Also the Bullfighting Museum is connected with this building.

The market was once a palace of Armenta family, and was known as the “House of the Papal Bulls”, owing to the people could go here to ask for privileges and forgiveness given by the Church. By the way, can be visited during the custom of the Cordobesian Courtyards Festival (Patios de Córdoba) as a monumental patio.

Our most famous crafts are leathers, like the cordobanes (leathers of goats with relief decoration that can also be painted and known as guadamecies) and jewels on silver (specially the filigree).

The visit to the Zoco is totally free and can be done in during this timetable:

Monday-Sunday 10:00-20:00


We invite you to join us in our FREE TOUR LEGENDS OF THE JEWISH QUARTER to know more details and buy a special souvenir

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