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Visit Córdoba in a fun and entertaining way with Córdoba Tips Tours, our guided tours are for all audiences, adults and children. Book your guided tour free tour to learn about the history and culture of Córdoba, enjoy its cuisine and places of greatest interest.

We will visit the main and most outstanding monuments of what was the capital of Al-Andalus, all of it from the hand of local guides who will try to immerse you in the idiosyncrasy of Andalusia, a land full of history.

With our guided tours free tour of Córdoba you will receive all kinds of suggestions and recommendations on what to do in Cordoba, where to eat in Cordoba or what to visit in Córdoba and especially how to do or when to visit the mosque.

What to do in Córdoba;

If you really decide to take a historical tour of the city, your option is to book the guided tour free monumental touristic historic center. Throughout this visit we will visit the Roman Cordoba through Seneca, the most important and influential emperors and praetors of the Roman Corduba. The Roman remains that can still be visited in the baths of the Caliphal Alcázar and the hundreds of columns that still support the temple and that you can visit in the Mosque of Cordoba.

Of course we will teach you the riverside of the Guadalquivir, the big river of Al-Andalus, the mills of the Albolafia, living memory of the most artisanal stage of the city of Córdoba and of course the Roman Bridge, one of the oldest constructions of the continent European.

We will tell you the story and importance of the archangel San Rafael and his legend for the city of Córdoba. Finally we will conclude with a visit to the Great Mosque of Cordoba, where you will discover the soul of the great empire that made this city strong. An Umayyad building unique in Europe in the 21st century.

Cordoba is a city with hundreds of hidden corners in its historic center, squares and alleys that we will show you in the famous Jewish quarter of Córdoba. Idyllic places like the alley of flowers or the alley of the handkerchief, are part of our guided tour free tour legends of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba.

The visit of Legends of the Jewry will immerse you through its streets, we will visit the synagogue inside, and we will explain the ins and outs of the Hebrew community in Cordoba.

The scientific advances that allowed the Umayyads to historical figures such as Ben Maimonides or Mohamed Al Gafequi in sciences such as medicine, philosophy or ophthalmology, unique developments in the 11th and 12th centuries in the Iberian Peninsula.

Discover the souk of Córdoba, where we will find ancestral techniques of handwork in leather or silver, hence the fame of the Cordovan filigree in silver or the Cordobán and Guadamecí, unique to this city.

We will cross the Medina, knowing corners like the Mosque of the Andalusians until we reach the Axerquia district, where we will find the Portillo arch, the Plaza del Potro, and the most important legends of the city such as the 7 infants of Lara and its Father, Don Gustios ...

You can not miss it. Choose Córdoba Tips Tours and visit Córdoba, in a fun way, with our guided tours Cordoba free walking tours.


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