Enclave of Sefarad; Jewish street, Córdoba.


Calle Judíos, Córdoba, Spain It is possible that it was one of the most important streets in the History of the Iberian Peninsula in the period of Al Andalus.

Located in the old Jewish quarter of the city, the Jewish street, was one of the places with the highest concentrations of contracts, commercial exchanges and loans.

This street and its adjoining streets were formed and developed characters like Maimonides or Averroes, and both they and their surroundings reflect the value of knowledge, the intellectual facets and especially the government that allowed them to enrich and train themselves in aspects such as philosophy, medicine or theology ...

The Islamic city of Qurtuba, had a library of half a million books and documents mainly of the Hebrew community, all this while the knowledge was pursued in something more than half of Europe, Al Andalus was developing economically and intellectually.

All this in the surroundings of the Jewish Street, where even today you can visit the synagogue of Cordoba, you can also know the house and the roads of Sepharad, points of interest of the religion of Moses.

You can also visit more modern places that reflect the knowledge of the past such as the Alchemy Museum or a typical Andalusian house ...

Equally relevant is the souk of Cordoba located on Calle Judíos denoting the importance of craftsmanship in leather, leather or jewelry, such as Cordoban, Guadamecil or filigree, ancestral techniques that denote the culture that was lived in the past of this city .

A street full of history and stories from the past of a community, the Jewish woman who was part of the city of the three cultures, when Christians, Hebrews and Muslims shared a common past.

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