Reopening of the Cordoba synagogue.


A year and two months ago the restoration works of the Cordoba Synagogue began, the second most visited monument in the city of Calipha. To this end, the repair of the roof of the guard house, the consolidation and protection of the remains of the site of the Jewish street, which want to be integrated in the visit, the creation of an accessible itinerary of visits and the creation of a visitor service center.
What is the origin of the Cordoba Synagogue? Well, it was the time of Pope Innocent IV, in the thirteenth century, when the Jews who lived in Cordoba after the Reconquest of Fernando III El Santo decided to build a synagogue. But the Jewish temple brought much controversy since it was of great dimensions and was in the neighborhoods of the Cordovan cathedral, so it sent to be demolished. But the papal bull arrived late because the bishop who complained to the Pope had died. Even so, that did not prevent its destruction.
In spite of all that in 1315 it was built by the Hebrew demand for the construction of a place of prayer. This work was sent to Mudejar architect Muhammad Ishaq Moheb. But after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492, the Cordoba synagogue became the Hospital of Santa Quintería, dedicated to the sick of rabies. Then, in 1588, the guild of the shoemakers' guild, called San Crispín and San Crispiano, passed by the headquarters, whose decoration damaged the plasterwork.
But it was not until the nineteenth century when it became a preschool and in 1884 Rafael Romero Barros, father of the famous Julio Romero de Torres, together with his partner Mariano Párraga studied the inscriptions found and, a year later, it was called a National Monument. And it was already in 1922 when Felix Hernandez meticulously restored the Jewish temple that has remained so to this day.
The scaffolding of the restoration is already being removed, so in a short time we will be able to enjoy again this beautiful monument that is found in the streets of Córdoba. If you want to know more about it, you can join our free tours by booking at
To visit the Synagogue of Córdoba these are your address, prices and schedules:
Jewish Street, number 20.
Hours: 9: 00-15: 30 / Monday closed; Closing days: January 1 and 6, December 25.
Prices: Free for EU citizens; 0.30 euros for the rest.
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