Cordobesian Easter 2020 awaits you

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A city full of light and flowers is the place that you can discover during your visit to our city in spring. Recently, we have talked you about the main customs and traditions of Córdoba (Cruces de Mayo, Festival de los patios, Feria…) but before that there is a really special meeting with the history of art and the faith: Easter (Semana Santa).

Together with the smell of the flowers, the incense and the processions are going to charm the streets of Cordoba between 5 and 12 April, starting in Palm Sunday and finishing in Resurrection Sunday.

Celebrated across our historic center (declared World Heritage), our Easter is considered one of the most beautiful ones and relevant in Andalucía and Spain. 37 brotherhoods show their representation of the passion of Jesus with sculptures made on wood (some of them, belonging to the XVII century). A tradition not only for Christians, but for everyone who enjoy the culture and the artistic heritage.

The typical lines of nazarenos holding candles, quiet, and showing respect to the representation of Christ and the Virgin Mary will be observed by all the visitors.  Some of them are really silent, but the most part of the processions are followed by their own music bands.

If you are thinking about visiting Córdoba in April, our local guides (historians) will tell you in a professional and entertaining way more details concerning this celebration in our Free Tours.


-Meeting point: Gate of Almodovar (11:00 Spanish / 13:30 English)


- Meeting point: Gate of Almodovar (17:00 both languages)

We remind you that the reservation is compulsory for joining them

Search the yellow umbrellas! See you!





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