Customs and celebrations in spring, Córdoba, 2020

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Cordoba already smells like orange flower (azahar). As could not be otherwise, this is the signal that spring is arriving. This is the most special season of our city, when is dressed with an amazing variety of colors due to the flowers which have started to bloom. In gardens, squares, terraces, you will be able to appreciate this wonderful landscape.

The temper and humor of the cordobesian people, always open to embrace new visitors and to charm everyone is born again in spring. So, to take advantage of this, we want to introduce you to our customs and celebrations between April and May:


1) The starting (and delicious) signal is the Wine-Tasting (Cata de vino Montilla-Moriles). Celebrated under a tent in the parking of the Provincial Council (Diputación Provincial) between 22 and 26 April. In more than fifty different stands, the best wines of the designation Montilla-Moriles can be tasted.


2) In the following week, the Cruces de Mayo festival starts (between 30 April and 3 May). Originally, this was a religious celebration in which the resurrection of Jesus was honored decorating the squares of the Historic Center with crosses based on colorful flowers.

Also is a contest organized by the Town hall, who declares as a winner the most original cross. Plus, surrounding the crosses, there are always stands with food, drink and music for everyone.


3) Just one day after the ending of Cruces, the flowers still being the main character of Cordoba with the tournament of the Courtyards (Patios de Córdoba). The more than known custom was recognized as World Heritage in 2012, and it´s going to be celebrated between 4 and 7 May.

You are invited to discover its 56 courtyards, private houses mainly, which are only open during these days. The decoration and distribution of plots and flowers held in the walls are a true spectacle.


4) And as a golden ending for this consecution of traditions and fun, we offer you the famous Fair (Feria de la Salud). Between 23 and 30 May, close to the Guadalquivir river (recinto del Arenal).

This custom is the meeting of thousands of cordobesians and also people from others cities of all ages who enjoy of the amusements rides and the around of 100 stands (all of them, FREE ENTRANCE) whit a really long variety of music styles (not only the traditional flamenco, but also urban music, reggae and rock).

All this event is plenty of the traditional Spanish gypsy costumes, the equestrian tradition, and of course, as we comment before, the flamenco music.


If you want to know more about the culture of Andalucía and our traditions, our local guides are wishing to receive you in spring during the next routes:


-Meeting point: Gate of Almodovar (11:00 Spanish / 13:30 English)


- Meeting point: Gate of Almodovar (17:00 both languages)

We remind you that the reservation is compulsory for joining them

Search the yellow umbrellas! See you!


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