Is the first picture that a lot of people have on their mind when suddenly the word Cordoba is spoken. Thousands of visitor walk under its double arches each year, and we, Cordoba Tips Tour, want to offer you the opportunity of doing the same.

Here, you can find a piece of information regarding this charming monument, during which hours are you able to visit it and what you can find inside.

First of all, let us saying that in the begging the terrain occupied by the Mosque was a Christian temple. Specifically the Saint Vincent´s Basilica, erected by the Visigoths. The building was bought by the first independent emir of Cordoba, Abd al-Rahman I in the year 786, and over the remains of the ancient Basilica, the Muslim temple started its days. You will see some mosaics of this Visigoth church (s. VI a. D) under a glass case in the floor of the Mosque.

This first room of the temple had capacity just for 5000 people, and the columns were reused from Roman, Visigoth, and Byzantine temples of the surroundings of Cordoba. But with the succession of the different emirs (and the raise of the population), the rooms and spaces were enlarged by the rulers.

So, in consequence the temple has been transformed several times towards the river. What´s more, the orientation and enlarging is quite unusual, because of is not oriented towards the Mecca. Why? Probably is related with the orientation of the mosques in Syria (the land of the emir Abd al-Rahman I).

The most important Islamic enlarging was made during the Caliphate. Abd al-Rahman III was not so interested in reforming the Mosque (owing to his big erection was Madinat al-Zahra) but he enlarged the courtyard towards the north and built a new minaret. By the way, this caliphal minaret is inside the Christian bell tower.

In addition the son of this caliph, the Al-Hakam II, made the most beautiful reform of the mosque with artisans and artist who worked in Madinat al-Zahara and even some of them that were from the Byzantine Empire.

Finally, after the year 1236 (conquest of Cordoba by Christians) the Islamic cult was stopped, and in the first decades of the XVI century, the cathedral erected inside the ancient mosque.

You can visit the monument in the following timetable:

  • Monday to Saturday between 10:00-18:00
  • Sunday and holyday between 8:30-11:30 and 15:00-18:00 (Mass 12:00 and 13:00)

Tickets: Adults 11 €, students 15-26 years, people with young card, and people over 65 9 €.

  • VISIT THE MOSQUE TOTALLY FREE: 8:30-9:30 (except Sundays and religious holidays)

And don´t forget to go to the top of the tower (absolutely, the best views in all the city)

  • 9:30-17:30. 2 €

Our team will be more than pleased to guarantee you a wonderful experience during your trip in Cordoba. So if you are spending some days in the city, don´t hesitate to reserve in our free tours.

The Monumental Tour finish in the Courtyard of the Mosque, where we can tell you more interesting facts about the life of the temple.


  • Meeting point: Puerta de Almodovar (11:00 Spanish tour / 13:30 English tour).


  • Meeting point: Puerta de Almodovar (17:00 Spanish and English tour).


Previous reservation is necessary in each route. And in case that you don´t want to lose any detail… we offer you also visits inside the monument with a guide. Just click on “Interior visits” in this website and check the availability of the dates.

The yellow umbrellas are waiting you in Cordoba!

See you!


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