Getting lost in the streets of the historic center of Córdoba can be one of the most beautiful experiences that can be lived, so time and the different cultures that have inhabited this small corner of the Guadalquivir valley have left a unique imprint and an incomparable beauty in any another part of the world.

But Córdoba is not only its charming streets, their monuments are also present and are an essential part of the city's history. Here we leave 5 essential monuments that you have to visit to say that you have visited Córdoba, because the city would not be understood without them.


The Mosque-Cathedral


The most famous monument in the city and which accumulates more visitors, is a place that you cannot miss while passing through Córdoba. It is one of the four Unesco World Heritage Sites declared in the city for its uniqueness, becouse it is the only Cathedral built in the middle of a Mosque worldwide. It is also the third largest mosque in the world, supported by no less than a forest of 856 columns that will make you travel to the most splendid past of the city during the Caliphate era.

Hours: Monday-Saturday from 10: 00-18: 00 / Sundays and holidays from 8: 30-11: 30 * 15: 00-18: 30

Price: Adults € 11 / Seniors 65 years, Young Card, Students 15-26 years € 9. Free admission 8:30-9:30 from Monday to Saturday.


The Cordoba Synagogue


This monument is not only unique in the city, its value lies in that it is the only preserved medieval synagogue in Andalusia and one of the three that still remain throughout Spain. A temple that, although it having been restored on several occasions, still maintains intact the original structure where once the Cordoba Jews could pray inside the current Jewish quarter of Cordoba, which except the synagogue has barely preserved more vestiges of Jewish culture in the city .

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 9: 00-21: 00 / Sundays and holidays from 9: 00-15: 00

Price: free for members of the U.E / For the rest € 0.30


The Alcazar of the Christian Kings


A monument with a lot of History, would be built on the old foundations of the disappeared Arab Alcazar and would become a royal residence when the kings of Castile went down to Córdoba. Its walls have been home to numerous kings and also witnesses of important events in the medieval history of Spain, so your visit is obligatory. In addition, its gardens will enchant because it respect the ancient plans of the Arab Alcazar and are considered one of the most beautiful in Andalusia.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 8: 15-20: 00 / Sundays and holidays from 8:15: 14:45

Price: Adult € 5,00 / 0 to 13 years free / Under 26 years € 2.50


The palatine city of Medina Azahara


About 10 kilometers from Córdoba are one of the greatest legacies of the Andalusian culture in the old Caliphate capital. An entire city at the service of the administration and the royalty that would be built in the 10th century by the first caliph of Córdoba, Abderraman III, to demonstrate all the splendor and power of his caliphate and that would pick up everyone who traveled it. Although there are not many vestiges left, you can still observe the remains of this city ahead of its time and enter its ancient streets and palaces. A must for anyone who wants to know how Islamic Cordoba was.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 9: 00-18: 00 / Sundays and holidays from 9: 00-15: 00

Price: Free for members of the U.E / For the rest € 1.50


Palacio de Viana


The most famous palatial house in Córdoba is a unique place where every corner shows history and beauty. Place of residence of several noble houses for more than five centuries, the numerous extensions throughout its history with the different preferences of the moment have configured the current building, which stands out overall for its 12 courtyards, unique examples of courtyards. They represent the unique pleasure of the Cordoba people in decorating their courtyards, essence and tradition of Cordoba.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 10: 00-19: 00 / Sundays and holidays from 10: 00-15: 00

Price: Combined visit € 10 / Only Patios € 6.


Do you want to know these monuments and their history in a deeper way? Our local guides, graduates in History, are the best option to know the heritage and wealth of a city as incredible as Córdoba.

We meet every day at Almodovar´s Gate with our free guided tour of the most essential monuments at 13.30 pm in the evening and with our free guided tour of the Jewish quarter at 5pm in the afternoon. We wait for you with our yellow umbrellas!

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